Heart Pine Flooring

Hear Pine flooring has characteristics of the Heart Pine tree. Heart pine sapwood is a yellowish brown. The heartwood is orange to warm reddish brown. The wood is resinous. The grain is open and broad. Heart pine is softer than red oak and above average stability. When sanding the paper will tend to clog due to resin. Sanding may be difficult.


Millrun heart pine flooring

Boards can have colors ranging from pale yellow brown to red brown. Some boards can have very heavy resin. Boards can have knots. This is the only grade the first flooring mills produced. It maximizes lumber usage, very conservation minded. Millrun floors are very common in older homes and factories.

Seth Bournival has forged strong relationships with loggers and mills to get lumber specifically suited to our custom grades. Our grades are unique.

Face Widths

3” up to 9”




5’ can be up to 16’, varies


Tongue and groove with back relief.

Fun facts/traditional uses

Turpentine is made from resin