Roasted Hardwood Flooring

Roasted Hardwood flooring has characteristics of the Red Oak, Soft Maple or Yellow Birch tree. Red Oak, Soft Maple and yellow birch while drying are “torrified”. In the kiln oxygen is removed at high temperature causing the wood to roast. The resulting color is a fairly uniform brown. Unlike a floor stained to a brown color, the color is consistent through the board. The grain is fine and less defined.


Select brown roasted hardwood flooring

Boards are brown with variations in hue. Knots and checking are not permitted. We are very happy with this grade and resulting floor. The coloring is a very rich brown with the natural wood qualities in tact.

Seth Bournival has forged strong relationships with loggers and mills to get lumber specifically suited to our custom grades. Our grades are unique.

Face Widths

3” up to 7” select brown

Accent Strips

3/4” up to 2 1/2”




ranges available, maple usually averages between 5’ to 7’


Tongue and groove with back relief.
Endmatching option available.
Flooring can be ordered with endmatching (a tongue or groove at the end of board length).