Norway Pine Flooring

Norway Pine flooring has characteristics of the Norway Pine tree. Norway Pine, also known as Red pine, is a pale tan to medium red brown. Knots can be large and dark brown. The grain is pronounced and defined. Norway pine is soft. Pine flooring dents easily and deep, but this does not shorten the life span. Pine is chosen for it’s rich patina and history. Pine is a comfortable and welcoming floor once it is broken in.


New England knotty norway pine flooring

Lots of character and large knots. We are located in The Pine Tree State, Maine home to the best norway pine.

Seth Bournival has forged strong relationships with loggers and mills to get lumber specifically suited to our custom grades. Our grades are unique.

Face Widths:





5’ can be up to 16’, varies


Tongue and groove with back relief, shiplap and square edges.


pine flooring can be pre-sand by running through our wide belt sander