Ash Flooring

Ash flooring has characteristics of the Ash tree. In Ash the heartwood is light tan to dark brown. The sapwood is creamy white to bright white. The grain patterning is bold and similar to the oaks. Ash is harder than red oak. Ash is very durable. Ash stains well. Ash has above average stability.


Select white ash flooring

Boards are creamy to bright white with light tan grain patterns. No knots, checking. mineral streaking is allowed. A nice light uniform floor.We work hard selecting boards as uniform as possible.

Select conservation ash flooring

Boards are clear with colors ranging from creamy white to dark brown. The contrast between the lighter sap and darker heart does seem to mellow with the passage of time. Called conservation by the Sampsons given that this grade is a very sustainable use of the tree. Knots and checking are not permitted. This grade can be considered less formal.

Seth Bournival has forged strong relationships with loggers and mills to get lumber specifically suited to our custom grades. Our grades are unique.

Face Widths:

3” up to 6” select white
3” up to 9” select conservation

Accent Strips:

3/4” up to 2 1/2” available in both grades


25/32” (3/8” up to 1 1/2” are available)


ranges available, ash can run longer than other Maine hardwoods. common average between 5’ to 8’


Tongue and groove with back relief.
Endmatching option available.
Flooring can be ordered with endmatching (a tongue or groove at the end of board length).

Fun facts/traditional uses:

baseball bats, canoe paddles, oars, spade, hoe handles