BTU Firewood Blocks

A.E. Sampson and Son recycles our waste shavings into BTU firewood blocks

What are BTU Wood Blocks?

BTU Firewood Blocks are an all wood product with no additives specifically designed to be used as firewood in wood stoves, fire pits and wood furnaces.

BTU Firewood Blocks are wood sawdust and shavings mechanically compressed into a block (no additives). Each Block averages 4" x 2.75" x 6" in size

BTU Firewood Blocks can be bought packaged in various quantities.

BTU Firewood Blocks are made from a naturally renewable resource, are carbon neutral, reduce pollution and our dependence on fossil fuels as well as utilize wood waste.

Helpful hints: BTU Blocks are not a fire starter. Blocks work best on a hot fire.

Quantities for sales are:

Blocks must be picked up at 171 Camden Rd Warren Maine by appointment only.

We care about our environment… working to reduce waste.