Environmental Statement and Green Building

Wood flooring is the most sustainable flooring material choice. Carpet, tile and linoleum all impact the environment to a greater degree. Trees are a renewable resource. Wood is recyclable, biodegradable and durable. Wood flooring is carbon neutral, uses less fossil fuels in production and it has the longest service life of all flooring options. Wood is "green".

At A.E. Sampson & Son there is a strong commitment to take care of the forests . Paul and Jula Sampson respect the forests for the wood it provides them to pursue their passion, the habitat that it provides for wildlife and the oxygen it produces.

Paul has always been called a "wood junkie." When he is not in the mill, Paul is off in the forest managing his wood lots. A well managed forest is healthier and more productive. Trees, as with all living things, have a finite life span. Trees do reach an age when they are not productive and will soon die. As responsible forest stewards, a certain amount of wood should be left to decay in the forest while the remaining trees are harvested. The sustainable harvested wood is milled by the Sampsons into flooring.

In the United States, there is 82% more hardwoods growing today than 40 years ago. With 17.7 million acres of forest land, Maine is the most heavily forested state in the Nation at ninety percent. Trees generally re-grow naturally and do not have to be planted. Ninety-eight percent of Maine's forests are naturally regenerated and are managed extensively. By harvesting mature trees, sunlight can now reach the forest floor allowing offspring to grow. The volume of timber on Maine forest is nearly double that of 1952. Paul and Jula encourage the use of native species. If imported species are desired legally harvested and FSC certified woods are encouraged.

Building within 500 miles, LEED Credits can be obtained using native species milled by Sampson's. Sampson flooring can be milled from FSC certified lumber.

A.E. Sampson recycles all by-products. Our state-of-the-art milling tools create little waste. Our wood strips are given away free of charge for kindling. Our scraps are donated to local schools for woodworking classes. Our sawdust is recycled into BTU bricks for wood stoves and furnaces.

By choosing wood flooring milled by the Sampson family in Maine, you have chosen a product that has minimal impact on your environment and The environment and will last hundreds of years. A good fit for green building.